Is it just a good stretch?

Often people come to class and are surprised to discover how physically demanding the practice can be.  Yes, you will get a good deep stretch, but you will also be challenged to build strength and endurance.   At the same time, modifications will be offered to make the poses accessible to almost everyone. 

Do I need to bring anything?

We supply the blocks, blankets, straps, sandbags and bolsters that you might need.  Mat rentals are available for $2 per class.  Click here to rent online. You are welcome to bring your own props and mat as well.  Mat cleaner is also provided. 

Can I bring my kids with me?

We love kids and you are welcome to bring your child with you provided that they will not interfere with the experience of the other students in the class. Children 12 and under can come to class for free.

Is there a place for me to put my personal items?

Yes!  There is a shoe rack outside of the studio where you can place your shoes upon entering.  There is also a bench with shelves inside the studio itself where you can securely place your personal items such as a wallet, cell phone or purse. Please place all devices on silent before class!

Where can I park?

Since we share a building with other businesses, we know parking  can be tricky.  Be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes before class to easily find a spot. There is parking behind the Coke Building and on both sides of Labelle Street. Before or after bank hours we are allowed to use the entire Independence Bank parking lot located across Labelle Street. During business hours we are allowed to use the rear most section only. When weather permits we encourage you to run, walk or ride you bike to class!

Do you have any free class options?

We offer a donation based monthly meditation class on the second Sunday of each month, with the proceeds going to a local charity. We also offer a discounted rate for students and active duty military.  Ask your instructor if you think you might qualify.  If you have a strong desire to practice yoga, but can’t afford our rates, we do have a limited number of scholarships available. Contact Ginny at for more information.

Do you have gift cards available for purchase?

We do!  You can purchase a gift card for a 4-class or 8-class pass, or for $10, $25 or $50 in studio before or after one of our classes, or you can purchase online!  You can then print your gift card out to give to the lucky recipient or you can email it directly to them.  Click here to give the gift of yoga. 

Can I practice yoga if I have a certain health condition?

Let your teacher know of any injuries or physical limitations that you might have or if you are pregnant or trying get pregnant.  Always stay aware of what you are feeling and listen to your inner teacher.  Feel free to ask questions or ask for an adjustment if a posture doesn’t feel right; always respect your intuition.  Let your breath be a guide to your practice; take a break if the breath becomes ragged or uneven.  Feel free to explore your edges in postures, but never to the point of feeling pain.