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True North Yoga has been offering yoga to the Paducah area for over 15 years. With over 25 classes on our schedule and an amazing group of instructors, the perfect yoga class awaits you!

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Go with the Flow

Sync your breath and movement to find a deeper connection to the present.  Energize, strengthen and relax your body and mind, all while improving balance, flexibility and peace of mind. Look for “everyday namaste” or “you’ll feel it” intensity level classes.

Slowing Down

Longer, slower, more mindful movements, combined with breath awareness and guided relaxation; these classes slow down the pace, while upping the sense of calm and peace. Look for “ahhhh” or “everyday namaste” intensity level classes.

Build the Heat

Ranging from hot vinyasa flow yoga, to high intensity interval training, these classes will get your heart pumping and your core working!  Come for the cardio, stay for the savasana. Look for “you’ll feel it” or “bring a towel” intensity level classes.

What Our Tribe is saying

The atmosphere here is very inviting and I always feel welcome when I'm here. I came here never having done yoga and I love it! I like the availability of the classes and times, there's something for everyone at any time. Thank you!

Kelly Williams

As a mature 59 year old man, True North Yoga has changed my life. Last August, I suffered a major knee injury that landed me on the couch for 6 weeks. During this time, I became extremely stiff, sore and even had trouble getting out of bed each morning. With the help of the staff at True North Yoga, I’m much better today than I was before my injury. I’m very glad I found True North not just to help in my knee rehab but in improving my quality of life. Needless to say, I am continuing the yoga practice as the benefits are amazing.​

Dale Lovett

With only a few classes I'm feeling encouraged and more confident to continue yoga practices and poses! Such a welcoming and positive place.

Linsey James McPherson


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17 hours ago

True North Yoga

#mondaymantra "Every experience I have, is perfect for my own growth." Be open to positive change and growth this week! ...

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1 day ago

True North Yoga

Do you ever feel like you are spinning your wheels, trying to get things accomplished but things are not going the way that you had hoped? The new book titled Focus: Bringing Time Energy and Money Into Flow might be the next read for you. Written by Peram Shojai, OMD, known as the ‘Urban Monk”, this book gives you the tools that you need to stop wasting your precious time here on earth and start spending your energy on the things that really matter to you. Dr. Shojai cuts through all the static of your life so that you can uncover what is really important. The book gives some hands-on resources to help you maintain your health and gives you a plan so that you can spend your time on the things that will give you the life that you want. His tools are simple and easy to follow, and are very effective.

We all want and deserve to live our lives to our fullest potential, being happy and healthy, enjoying our careers, relationships, friends and passions. Yet we often struggle, feeling like we are caught in a hamster wheel, and spend much of our time doing things that are not helping us live a more joyous life. Dr. Shojai shows us how to spend our time and energy in ways that will actually bring us a more full, vibrant life. He has tools to help align your life with your priorities, tap into your highest potential, find balance between doing and being, and allocating your time. His simple tools will help reprogram negative subconscious behavior and help you manifest the future you want.

Read the book and join us at the next True North Yoga book club meeting to discuss!

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2 days ago

True North Yoga

This recipe comes from @ginnyalise and is a super easy, nutritious and flavorful side dish that would work with a variety of squashes (delicata, butternut, acorn) or even sweet potatoes.

You'll Need:
-Squash (you'll need to peel any squash other than delicata which can be eaten with the skin on)
-Curry Powder
-Maple Syrup
-Olive Oil
-Salt / Pepper

-Preheat Oven to 400 degrees *If you have an air fryer you can make this recipe in that instead and cut the time down significantly
-Cut up squash into 1/4 inch slices
-Toss in a bowl with curry powder to taste (I use 2 tsp or so), 1/2 tbsp of maple syrup, 1 tbsp evoo, and pinch of salt and pepper
-Transfer to either a baking sheet or basket of an air fryer
-If baking in the oven, bake for around 35-40 minutes or until the squash is lightly browned and tender, turn over halfway through
-If using an air fryer, set the temp to 400 degrees and cook for 7 minutes, toss the squash in the basket to mix them up, and then cook for another 7 minutes or until lightly browned and tender.

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4 days ago

True North Yoga

How's it going #truenorthyogatribe? Are you getting close to a bingo yet? Keep trying out all of our amazing classes, keep stepping out of your comfort zone, and keep having amazing new experiences! Comment below with how trying new classes has been for you. ...

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5 days ago

True North Yoga

Not all experiences are easy, and sometimes we are unable to find resolutions, but inevitably those trials and tribulations teach us more about others and ourselves. #thursdaythoughts ...

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