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True North Yoga has been offering yoga to the Paducah area for over 15 years. With over 25 classes on our schedule and an amazing group of instructors, the perfect yoga class awaits you!

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Go with the Flow

Sync your breath and movement to find a deeper connection to the present.  Energize, strengthen and relax your body and mind, all while improving balance, flexibility and peace of mind. Look for “everyday namaste” or “you’ll feel it” intensity level classes.

Slowing Down

Longer, slower, more mindful movements, combined with breath awareness and guided relaxation; these classes slow down the pace, while upping the sense of calm and peace. Look for “ahhhh” or “everyday namaste” intensity level classes.

Build the Heat

Ranging from hot vinyasa flow yoga, to high intensity interval training, these classes will get your heart pumping and your core working!  Come for the cardio, stay for the savasana. Look for “you’ll feel it” or “bring a towel” intensity level classes.

What Our Tribe is saying

The atmosphere here is very inviting and I always feel welcome when I'm here. I came here never having done yoga and I love it! I like the availability of the classes and times, there's something for everyone at any time. Thank you!

Kelly Williams

As a mature 59 year old man, True North Yoga has changed my life. Last August, I suffered a major knee injury that landed me on the couch for 6 weeks. During this time, I became extremely stiff, sore and even had trouble getting out of bed each morning. With the help of the staff at True North Yoga, I’m much better today than I was before my injury. I’m very glad I found True North not just to help in my knee rehab but in improving my quality of life. Needless to say, I am continuing the yoga practice as the benefits are amazing.​

Dale Lovett

With only a few classes I'm feeling encouraged and more confident to continue yoga practices and poses! Such a welcoming and positive place.

Linsey James McPherson


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8 hours ago

True North Yoga

Everytime you attended class, either virtually via mindbody livestream or in person in our studio during the month of November, you were entered to win a prop package from @mandukayoga. This trusted brand is who supplies all of our in studio props! The lucky winner will receive a new mat, two blocks and a blanket. And the winner, chosen at random from all of the attendance during the month of November is….. Cindy Logan! Congratulations! We will get in touch with you about collecting your prize! ...

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1 day ago

True North Yoga

Today is your last chance to get the introductory price on our video on demand service, plus, in honor of Cyber Monday, we are offering 20% off our already discounted price! Just use the coupon code “tnymon20” to take advantage of this promotion and join us whenever, wherever. ...

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2 days ago

True North Yoga

A tight psoas is an important and often misunderstood issue in the human body.  As you can see from the accompanying photo, this muscle connects the lower lumbar vertebrae to the legs.  It becomes tight when we spend a lot of time sitting or driving or working from home.   Most everyone has seen the little old man shuffle, where the torso is leaning forward and the feet don’t really lift, they only shuffle along.  This is most frequently due to this muscle losing its flexibility, specifically its ability to elongate.   There is a lot to discuss and learn as we consider this muscle, so I will go over several things to consider regarding the psoas, including symptoms of a tight psoas, nervous system response considerations regarding the psoas, as well as yoga postures that can help you loosen and relax this important but often forgotten muscle.   

We learn to engage the psoas muscle when we are infants and learn to sit up and walk.  Because its use is learned at such an early age, we are usually not even aware of this muscle, which is the deepest muscle in the human body.  Much like driving a car, once we know how, we really don’t have to concentrate on it.  Also we don't go to the gym with the idea of working this muscle, as it is without any outward signs of development or flexibility.  However when the psoas becomes tight, it will get our attention in a hurry.  As you can see from the photo, the psoas attaches to the lower vertebrae in the lumbar spine.  So a tight psoas could present low back pain, on one or both sides.  It could also present as a forward tilt in the torso, causing the torso to tilt closer to the thighs rather than standing in an upright posture.  Because the psoas connects the torso to the legs, there could be pain when walking.  Low back and glute tightness can also be a symptom, as well as tightness in the groin.  Pain often radiates to various places in the body, so it could be worth investigating to see if this could be a problem that you are experiencing.  The good news is once you figure it out, it is relatively easy to alleviate the tightness and get back to functioning in the world without pain or symptoms.  
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3 days ago

True North Yoga

Support small and local businesses with us this Small Business Saturday and receive 20% off all gift cards with the promo code “tnysat20”. The code will be valid today and tomorrow! Name your own amount or choose from premade gift card options ranging from $10 to an 8-class-pass, and give the gift of yoga this season to those you love this holiday season. They are easy to purchase online at under the “gift cards” tab and you can either print your gift card off to give in person, or email it to the lucky recipient. Thank you for your continued support of our small business! ...

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4 days ago

True North Yoga

It’s our biggest Black Friday promotion ever! Use the promo code “tnyfri20” to get 20% off of all yoga class packages which apply to in person and virtual classes.  We offer weekly and monthly passes, 4 and 8 class packages, and drop ins. Apply the code when you checkout at or in our app “True North Yoga Paducah.”  Hurry, because this promotion ends at midnight and then it’s on to another for Small Business Saturday. See you on your mats yogis! ...

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