True North Yoga – Paducah, Kentucky

At True North Yoga we believe that life is meant to be enjoyed, and rely on this belief in our yoga instruction. We strive to make our classes light-hearted and fun.

Tim and Josie teach a free-form power flow style drawing inspiration from the Ashtanga yoga tradition and from True North founder Dani Williamson. With her Gentle Bends classes, Carolyn Roof provides a yoga experience that is accessible to everyone.  Let  Crystal Bailey build your core strength with mat Pilates!

True North Yoga classes are held in the basement of the United Church of Paducah located at 4600 Buckner Lane in Paducah, Kentucky. Park in the rear of the church and follow the signs.   For more information about the United Church, visit their website.

New! Empowerment Vinyasa Yoga

 Empowerment Vinyasa Yoga with Heather
Every Tuesday at 6:15 PM

Heather is kicking it up a notch! Her new class is called Empowerment Vinyasa Yoga! Are you not feeling challenged in your current class? Are you a runner, biker, lifter or other fitness buff looking for a new way to cross-train? This might be just the class for you!

Focusing on energy, power and FUN!! Looking for a full spectrum practice that touches on all areas of the body, keeps you moving and leaves you feeling accomplished? Welcome! Set to upbeat music, this class is designed to enliven the body and spirit with flowing and creative yoga postures. Here you will energize, develop strength, detoxify the body, and have fun! You need to have knowledge of the basic postures. Detailed instruction on how to advance to deeper postures will be given. Intermediate level and up.