True North Yoga – Paducah, Kentucky

At True North Yoga we believe that life is meant to be enjoyed, and rely on this belief in our yoga instruction. We strive to make our classes light-hearted and fun.

Tim and Josie teach a free-form power flow style drawing inspiration from the Ashtanga yoga tradition and from True North founder Dani Williamson. With her Gentle Bends classes, Carolyn Roof provides a yoga experience that is accessible to everyone.  Let  Crystal Bailey build your core strength with mat Pilates!

True North Yoga classes are held in the basement of the United Church of Paducah located at 4600 Buckner Lane in Paducah, Kentucky. Park in the rear of the church and follow the signs.   For more information about the United Church, visit their website.

21-Day Yoga Challenge!

Starts May 1st!!!

With the return of warmer weather we are suddenly barraged with all sorts of demands on our time and attention and it is all too easy to let our fitness routines lapse. To help you make your practice a permanent part of your lifestyle we are offering a 21-Day Yoga Fitness Challenge starting Thursday May 1st!

We will be adding some classes to our schedule for the duration of the challenge to help you meet your goal of practicing for 21 straight days! Sign up for the challenge in the studio and pick up the schedule there. We will help you chart your progress as you go along! All of our classes at True North count toward the challenge, including Gentle Bends, Mat Pilates, and Yoga Basics. Can’t make a group class one day or get called away on business? No problem, just practice on your own for at least 30 minutes each day and you can count that toward your goal!

We recommend that you purchase a monthly unlimited package for May if you want to participate. We have reduced the price of the monthly unlimited package to just $85 for this event! If you make all 21 classes the cost of each class will only be about $4!

They say new habits are formed in 21 days. Let’s make yoga and fitness a habit that lasts a lifetime. If you are unable to participate in the challenge, please feel free to attend any of the special classes offered during the event. We will have a party at the end of the challenge open to everyone who participated! Ask your teacher for more details!

New Classes!!

Tuesday 6:15 PM Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Heather
Wednesday 7:00 PM Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Ginny

This vinyasa flow based class will seek to incorporate the breath practice of pranayama with the physical practice of asana to turn the focus inward. Practice will typically begin with an easy warm up, sun salutations, and then progress to a series of poses including occasional balances and inversions, designed to energize, strengthen and relax mind and body . There will always be modifications, so you can work at the level best suited for you to enjoy a fulfilling yoga experience.