Traveling Yogi Update

Friday, October 5, 9:40 pm mountain time…

My original plan was to spend a couple days at a campground in the Grand Tetons.  After checking the weather, I decided to change my route.  The weather prediction was rain and snow, in the mountains, and that didn’t sound like much fun for a new camper driver.  So I left Boulder yesterday after having lunch with my son Judson and drove to Casper, Wyoming.  I looked up a KOA campground, but when I got there, after driving through 40 MPH wind gusts (no fun), it was closed.  Being the newbie I am, I thought I would just park there anyway, it was open, just not plug in.  It was dark and me and the dogs were beat!  I poured myself a glass, got my jamies on, and someone came beating at the door!  Dogs barked, I opened the door slightly, he said” you are trespassing!  If you are not gone in 10 minutes I’m calling the sheriff!”  I politely said I’m sorry, will get out of here lickety split.  So I packed up, found an open campground to park in.  I backed into the space!!  The wind was blowing like crazy!  But the dogs and I hunkered down and slept good.  

I heard it raining, but when I got up, it was snowing!!!  I was not expecting that.  I took off anyway, it snowed for a couple of hours pretty hard.  It didn’t stick to the road, but visibility was bad.  I took it slow, breathed deeply, and trudged on.  After a while I noticed a flagman ahead, with a sign that said there had been an accident.   I slowed down, and apparently a semi had hit a travel trailer, like what I’m pulling, and it was smashed all over the road!  It really made me take pause, I really had to breath.  It looked like a tornado scene.  Guys were out there shoveling up the debris off the road.  Not a comforting sight for me at all.  “I am nuts!” said the voice in my head.  After an hour or so, I could see a break in the clouds ahead, and it was a welcome sight!!  


The scenery after the weather broke was fantastic.  The mountains are so majestic and so beautiful.  Big Sky country is sure a great name for Montana.  I landed in Bozeman at a little campground.  The Aspens are yellow, there is snow on the mountains and me and the dogs are all snuggled up.  

My dad lived in Montana for a few years when he was young.  Couldn’t help imagining him here, a young handsome man.  He loved the open spaces up here, was never a tree hugger like me!

So all the while I am traveling, I am having conversations with that awkward inner roommate.  Boy, does she doubt me!  That voice in my head is messed up!!!  Especially when the weather was bad, and then that camper accident!  The monkey mind is a bad place to go, for most of us.  At least I have the knowledge that all of it is just random, doubting thoughts.  I know in my heart that I am a capable, confident person. Not that bad things don’t happen, they do.  But hopefully when they do, (and they will) I am grounded enough that I can deal with it.  

I figured out the furnace on the camper, and I hope to take a hot shower tonight.  My camper knowledge learning curve is going straight up!  (That’s a quote from Dale :)). I am planning to be at my destination tomorrow, I am just a couple hundred miles away.  I can’t wait for my training!  I will be with my Guru, Meg McCracken, and some other yogis that I love and some more that I will come to love!  This yoga community is so incredible.  So I am excited to set up my camp, I will send pics, and be in touch about all that we learn regarding the anatomy of the subtle body.  

Much love to my beautiful yoga community at home.  You are with me always.  I appreciate the comments, text messages and emails.  I am not alone.  I am so grateful to have all the support that I have. 

Thank you!