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Made it to Montana

There is plenty of suffering in the world. There is plenty of joy as well. All of it needs to be experienced.

October 6, 10:00 am

I woke up in the best mood!  All cozy in my camper bed, warm from the furnace, the blankets, and Rainbow Sprinkles next too me.  I am so grateful that I am able to do this trip.  I am only a couple hundred miles from my destination, so taking it easy this morning.  

Not all is rosy.  I stepped in dog pooh, didn’t know it and shared that with the camper floor.  The fire alarm/dinner bell went off when I cooked my egg, I burnt my hand on the skillet, and part of my egg fell to the floor and was quickly cleaned up by Lollipop.  


As I sit here drinking coffee and soaking my sore foot in Epsom salts, I can’t help but ponder the blessing that I have to see the world in a positive way.  I know many folks who cannot or do not do so, and my heart breaks for them.  I don’t know how to help them, suppose I cannot, but I can listen when I am able and try to give another perspective.  

There is plenty of suffering in the world.  There is plenty of joy as well.  All of it needs to be experienced.  I have always been a big picture person.  I consider the beauty of this country, unfolding and changing as I travel, and I know that I am blessed.  Dog pooh seems so small in comparison!

Montana is such a beautiful state!  I am in such awe as it unfolds in front of me.  I am here now at my final destination, just south of Hamilton.  I am staying at a fly fishing RV site, right by the bitterroot river.  It is truly magical.  Camp is all set, and my training starts tomorrow.  

I ventured up to a hot spring today, had a nice swim and soak.  On the way I met a heard of big horn sheep in someone’s front yard!  They are so beautiful and majestic.  I have seen a heard of mountain goats, a heard of antelope, mule deer and the bighorns.  So much to see and experience!  Can’t wait to share all that I learn!

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