Gratitude and Openness

Take the time to explore.

I had my first day of training.  I am such a yoga geek.  I cannot get enough.  I am at my temporary home, fire in my living room which is the world, dogs happy outside with me.  Training was wonderful, I have some folks I know, some new yogis that will be important to me, I know, and I am feeling more and more settled, and at ease with my choice to come out here. 

I had lunch with 4 great yogis, so fun getting to know the people and their journey to yoga.  One thing we discussed at lunch was how we all have evolved as yoga students.  Yoga is a wonderful exercise for the mind, body and spirit.  It is usually (though not always), through the physical body that we are drawn to yoga.  As we explore this, we come to know that we have the yoga wisdom that we seek from our teachers already inside us.  It takes courage to explore inside, to look there, to tune into what we know already but need to understand.  

I am so proud of our yoga studio at True North Yoga.  As I meet new folks here, you all are such a sense of pride for me.  I adore my students, my fellow teachers, the whole experience that we offer.  I also treasure this yoga community.  It is so wide and so vast.  It is not just our yoga community, which is freaking amazing!  But this community is so vast, so wide, so deep.  I have shared things with my teacher that my students have shared with me (thanks David), and vice versa.  No matter where you are, there is a yoga family that you can tap into.  It is deep and wide, can hold us all. 

It is so important for us to experience different yoga teachers.  Teachers that I loved when my practice was beginning are not my favorites now.  We all evolve as humans, and what inspires us in yoga changes as well as we grow.  I appreciate so much that my students are experiencing the love and passion of my fellow teachers as I have this opportunity to study and travel.  Please take this time to explore.  We are so blessed to have the amazing teachers that have shown up at True North Yoga!

We are studying the Koshas, the layers of our experience that we inhabit here on earth.  There are 5, consisting of the physical body, the energy or prana, the mind, the witness or intuition, and the bliss/connection layer.  They all make us uniquely ourselves, and the way that we experience the world.  We often get stuck in one or two, and it is such a great tool to be aware and know that we can tap into other koshas to find more balance in our lives. 

I encourage you all to open your hearts, your minds, your prana, your intuition and your bliss connection.  Know that you already have the tools, the teachers, the love of yoga to facilitate your experience.  It is a beautiful practice and there is so much to learn, so many more ways to evolve.  You are doing it.  Just by showing up.