Embracing the Transitions

I am on my last leg of my trip, traveling home, in South Dakota now.  I’ve had a wonderful experience, learned so much about myself and the energies of the subtle body.  We all have, of course, our physical body, but also our mental body, our energy body, our spiritual body and our awareness and intuition.  All of these forces are incorporated in who we are and how we walk in the world at any given moment.   We studied the winds of the body, the Vayus, always flowing and changing and working together.  At first all this was a little much, even for me as a yoga teacher, but the more I explored them the more comfortable I am noticing how these energies and winds and qualities affect how we walk in the everchanging world from a place of center.  Yoga is a beautiful study, and all these forces influence the way that we feel at any given moment.  

I came away from this training with some introspection about myself and my current needs.  We all did a case study, as well as self-study, using the anatomy of the subtle body.  Some of the transitions I am exploring in my life now include changes in ownership of the studio, my daughter, last child, recently left for college, and my mother who is 86 and has been a solid foundation for me in my life, is nearing the end of her time in her physical body.  

Given all these transitions, it has been challenging for me to stay strong in my core, feel grounded and centered.  I have truly felt pulled and scattered and a bit anxious, but not really understanding why.  I now have the tools and a personal yoga practice that will help to stay strong and embrace all of these transitions and challenges from a place of grace and steadiness and love.  

As I have unpacked this for myself,  it’s interesting that I have felt such a need to be outside and connected to the earth.  My camper, this trip and spending time in nature all speak to my need to feel grounded in a very physical way.  It is also interesting that I have had a very physical injury to my foot, making it difficult even in my physical body to stand solidly.  

I am so looking forward to sharing my new thoughts and take-aways from this training with my students!  I am even considering opening up to one on one sessions, exploring these same aspects of yoga, layers and qualities and winds of life, for my students.  

I’lll be home soon!