Class Descriptions

Class Levels

Level 1.  Classes marked as Level 1 are accessible for just about anyone.  If you can climb a flight of stairs you can participate in these classes.  In these classes you will be introduced to the basic principles of alignment in yoga postures, yogic breathing techniques, and the fundamental yoga postures.

Level 2.  Some prior yoga experience is generally recommenced, but not required, for Level 2 classes.  In these classes you will be introduced to new and more challenging postures and sequences.  These postures will challenge your strength, balance, and flexibility.  Many Level 2 classes have a strong focus on developing core strength and stability.   Deeper backbends and some basic inversions and arm balances may be  introduced.

Level 3.  Prior yoga experience is recommended before joining a Level 3 class.  In these classes you can expect to explore many of the more challenging arm balances, inversions, and backbends.  In general, fewer verbal cues and modifications will be offered allowing the students explore the poses and experience the sequences with few external distractions.  That being said, these classes are generally approachable for most people with a few months prior experience.

Detailed description for each class are provided on the class schedule page.

Please follow these suggestions for a better yoga experience:

  • Let your teacher know of any injuries or physical limitations that you might have or if you are pregnant or trying get pregnant.
  • Always stay aware of what you are feeling and listen to your inner teacher.
  • Feel free to ask questions or ask for an adjustment if a posture doesn’t feel right; always respect your intuition.
  • Let your breath be a guide to your practice; take a break if the breath becomes ragged or uneven.
  • Feel free to explore your edges in postures, but never to the point of feeling pain.
  • We recommend that you practice with bare feet.
  • Please avoid baggy clothes as we need to to see the alignment of your hips, knees, and ankles.
  • Be aware that very loose fitting shirts might fall up in some poses.
  • Please, don’t wear heavy perfume to class.
  • For your comfort a nearly empty stomach is best.
  • Feel free to bring a towel and drinking water to vinyasa flow yoga classes.
  • If you arrive late, please enter quietly and join the class.
  • Have fun, let’s not stress over yoga!