timTim is a student of True North Yoga founder Dani Williamson and has been teaching yoga at True North for twelve years.  He teaches a power yoga style but offers modifications to make his classes accessible to almost anyone.  In addition to Dani, Tim has studied with some of today’s most dynamic and innovative yoga teachers including a teacher training with Stephanie Keach,  workshops with Erich Schiffmann, Doug Swenson, Tilak Pyle, Sarah Powers and others.  You will explore handstands and arm balancing along with some challenging flow sequences.  Even though his classes aren’t held in a heated room, you should bring a towel because you will definitely break a sweat.



crystalCrystal has been teaching and studying yoga for 4 years, and has been a fitness instructor for 23 years. She has completed 3 levels of YogaFit teacher training and is currently working toward her 200 hour teacher training through Wanderlust studios. The positive changes in her and her students due to practicing yoga include increased flexibility and strength, better concentration, and the ability to face life’s challenges from a more peaceful place.




ginnyGinny began exploring yoga on and off in high school. She eventually returned to the practice for good after many years of pain due to a lower back injury. She quickly discovered that her injuries were healed, she felt stronger in mind and body, and that yoga was really fun! With her background as a school teacher, she naturally felt compelled to share the gifts yoga had given her with others. She began pursuing the traditional route of apprenticeship, assisting and shadowing with her mentor Tim Whitaker as well as exploring pranayama, meditation and anatomy through self study. She then attended a vinyasa flow yoga teacher training at the Asheville Yoga Center with nationally recognized yoga instructor and author Stephanie Keach. She holds a certification in vinyasa flow yoga and uses her experiences as a student, apprentice and teacher to create a variety of flow yoga classes and yin/ restorative yoga classes. Her personal style of teaching incorporates a strong connection between breath and body as well as a light-hearted approach. She truly believes that there is a yoga class to fit every style and everyone with the help of modifications, props and an intention to let go of what you think yoga should be and accept all the practice holds for you.


ashleeI’m Ashlee Sheets, I have been practicing yoga on and off since 1998. I have been working as a personal trainer and yoga teacher since 2012. I am certified by ISSA as a personal trainer and sports nutrition counselor. I am also certified as a CrossFit L1 Coach, which helps me understand the importance of recovery even more. I have specialized training through YogaFit in kids yoga, and prenatal. I have also taken many classes on using mindfulness, guided meditation, and aromatherapy in yoga. I love to pull from all these educational sources when I teach. If you are in my class’s there are sure to be essential oils involved!  The health and wellness world is something I have always been involved in. My love for yoga stretches beyond the necessity of mobility. I have personally used yoga to help me through the pregnancies and births of my four children, to help myself in overcoming anxiety, and to find inner peace during challenging parts of life. My personal style of teaching varies on the class. Overall I teach with vinyasa flow or power flow. I love to focus on the hips, because we store so much stress and tension in that area. I also enjoy working on standing balances. My favorite thing to teach has to be HOT yoga though. It gives an amazing feeling of rebirth and centering. There is nothing quite like it. I love sharing the power of yoga with others. I consider it an honor and privilege to share this beautiful practice. Namaste.



Jessie was first exposed to yoga in 2009 when she took a class offered at her university in Wisconsin where she studied nursing. Over the years, she has cultivated a deeper understanding of the practice and has discovered the joy of living a yogic life both on and off the mat. The eight limbs of yoga have helped her to not only achieve physical and emotional fitness but also a deep sense of self-love and worthiness. Her goal is to help her students reach this place of heightened self-awareness and self-love so that they can live a more fulfilled life. When not doing yoga, Jessie enjoys reading novels, traveling, and taking long walks with her husband and dog, Pearl.



My name is Michelle Piper, I’ve been practicing yoga for about 6 years. When I went to my first yoga class it was for the physical side of it, but it didn’t take me long to realize that I was there for the spiritual side of it. In 2014 my instructor urged me to consider taking an instructor course. I decided to take the Core Power Yoga instructor training to deepen my practice with no real intention to teach. I shared my love for yoga with my kids and eventually taught a few classes at their school. I found that this was my “happy place,”sharing my love for yoga with others. Yoga has helped me through some of the most challenging times of my life, and I see it as an honor to introduce others to it.  I often refer to my yoga practice as my God time. It’s just me, my mat and the big guy in the sky. Through my classes my hope is that students will find themselves deepening their yoga practice and finding their inner peace. I often remind my students that the reason we refer to yoga as a practice is because it’s just that, we just keep practicing and remember that we are perfect exactly as we are in this very moment.  Michelle no longer has a regularly scheduled class but will be back for special classes and to sub when needed.

Heather, RYT200
heatherHeather discovered Pilates in 1999 after the birth of her daughter.  She decided that she no longer wanted to do aerobics and jump around her living room and was searching for something that was powerful but gentle and spoke to both her mind and body while becoming part the rest of her life.  She found yoga in 2006 and fell in love after just one class when she saw how the two disciplines complimented each other.  Heather has studied with a number of teachers including Nicole Brown, Elaina Foresman, Tim Whitaker, Tilak Pyle, Teri Leigh Schmidt, and became certified in vinyasa flow with Stephanie Keach.  She is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher.  She leads energetic and fun classes that combine her dynamic love of movement with the practices of Pilates and vinyasa yoga.  In her classes, students learn to embrace their unique true self while exploring their untapped potential.  Heather believes that every single part of our body is beautiful and perfect and that we should embrace it with its imperfections because that is how God made us.  Yoga and Pilates help us to tap into the unlimited potential of our gorgeous body and mind.  Heather is currently out on sabbatical.